Close your eyes. Look into your mind.

I know it's hard to find. Look harder.

Deep, deep into the dark little crevices you try to cover up with compromise. Pressure. Doubt. Look at the legs of the table you crawl under. The ceiling above you that's been painted over with expectations. Judgment. Look into the corners you run to when you feel like hiding. Right in front of your nose. The point at which the two walls meet. At ninety degrees. That same point you stare at for hours and hours as you dream about your future and the life you want to live. Where you are not alone. Where your passions are embraced. Where your true potential is tapped. Your talent is recognized. And you are free to be who you want to be. 

Yes. Those dreams. 

Keep your eyes closed. 

When your dreams come true, who do you want to wake up next to? 

We are made of our longest days. We are falling but not alone. We will take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold. 


Feeling like a kid again at the PnE. There's something magically alluring about this place.