We don't do this enough

Not too far from home was this winter wonderland. five photographers, a little hydroplaning, potentially a near death experience, some favorite winter tunes on repeat and fresh coffee under tiny umbrellas on the bridge made for an unforgettable winter morning. 


Sometimes we'll have conversations about where we derive our happiness. We'll talk about the value of simplicity, how often we forget about it as we lose ourselves in our digitally driven, ever evolving, consumer societies, and all the times we've removed ourselves and felt high on life. This was one of those times. So what's that like?

Maybe it's in the crisp winter air - the way the chill expands my lungs, or maybe it's in the comfort of being snug in my 52 layers of clothing. But something about being in the snow whether its atop a mountain 6000ft above ground, walking on the streets below my apartment, or standing right here on this bridge, makes me want to check in with my body - take deep breaths, close my eyes and just feel. And in those moments, I am overwhelmed with joy and with gratitude.