I grew up in the little big city of Hong Kong, raised on Sara Lee cakes, Cocoa Pebbles, an obscene amount of Betty Crocker icing, pineapple buns and my grandma's Shanghainese fried rice. 

I'm currently based in Vancouver.

Although... considering my inability to sit still and stay in one place, you'll have to check in closely for my whereabouts. My work usually has me traveling between Vancouver and Hong Kong, whilst wandering my way around the rest of the world, lens in hand.


Here's a bit about me -
I'm an ENFP. 
I like spontaneity and following my impulses. 
Some might say I'm clumsy. And notorious for it. I personally think this is debatable. 
I like drying out flowers because that way they'll last forever. I like taking photos for the same reason.
I take photos to tell stories and I like people who tell stories.
I have mastered the arts of Parallel Parking and Reverse Parking. Will provide coaching at your request. 
I can't watch a scary movie to save my life. 
I have a firm handshake (limp handshakes make me die inside)

My journey in life is a neverending pursuit of hygge

It was the observation of life, people and the passing of time that inspired me to become a photographer - a realization, over watching people and their interaction with each other and with nature, that it is love and compassion that continues to lift us up and out of our darkest moments time and time again. And it is love and compassion that I want my work to invoke.

To tell your story and to have people be able to look at my work and share your joy or your pain is what fuels me. At the end of the day, all we want is to know that we are not alone. 


I might complain when times get hard and I might get anxious at the thought of seeing darker days in this world, but at the end of the day I think our world is beautiful and life is about discovery.